It's a hobby; It's a game; It's a sport: It's anything you want it to be! Geocaching is still a mystery to some but it's been a passion of mine for many years.


This is something for the whole family; for all ages and physical abilities; for any gender; for singles and married couples and whole families. 


Come to Makerspace and you'll learn all about Geocaching. You'll make your own cache to hide. I'll have examples of caches I've made and give you ideas of more to make. I'll even have geocaches hidden for you to find on the premises. 

Bring your smart phone or GPS receiver if you have one. I'll also have a couple to use. 


August 27


Min 1/Max 10


Technology Tips and Tricks


Technology Tips and Tricks

Are you intimidated by Technology? This series of classes can help! We can help with mobile apps, programs, Windows, Apple, Android, email, internet safety, virus protection, care and identification of devices, and so much more. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

This month’s class will focus on maintenance and security of your device

If you have ideas of areas you would like to have a class on, let us know.  We would be happy to put a class together for you. 

Sept. 29, 2018
Charge is $5/person
Minimum class is 2/Max is 10

Lampshade Decoupage


Join us and make your very own decoupaged lampshade.  You'll learn how to prep the shade, plan your design, assemble the glued pieces, and even custom trim the edges of the shade! Take your finished masterpiece home to marry with your favorite small lamp.


Included in the cost of the class will be lampshades, glue and brushes, as well as trim supplies. Students need to bring their own generous selection of preferred magazine images.


NOTE - For this project, the best type of paper is glossy magazine images (think National Geographic, Architectural Digest, Vogue) and it will help if you've already cut them out. Newspaper and lower quality papers will not work as well on the shades, as they disintegrate.



October 4, 2018


Min 4 / Max 8

The Basics of Sewing


This class will cover the most basic sewing skills. It is intended for total beginners, you don’t even need to know what end of the needle to thread. 😊 You will leave the class being able to understand a basic pattern, use a simple stitch, the basic use of a sewing machine and a very cool personal custom scrub top. Scrub tops make good pajamas too.


Please bring Simplicity Pattern 5443AA Adult Scrub Tops & Bottoms or Simplicity Pattern 5443BB Adult Plus Size Scrub Tops & Bottoms for the size you need.  You will also need the fabric of your choice and matching thread. 


Email if you have any questions. 


Saturday August 25, 2018



Min 2/Max 6

Breakfast with Bill – Marshmallows!


Breakfast with Bill goes sweet – marshmallows!

Candy for breakfast might be a stretch but you will love these "clouds of joy". We will be learning the techniques of candy making and creating something that will destroy the vision of what you thought was a marshmallow. You might even find yourself giving these as wonderful gifts this holiday season…if you don't eat them all.


Saturday Sept 8, 2018



Min 2/Max 8

Quilting for Giving


MakerSpace has an opportunity to give back and would love you to join our efforts!  We have been given a starter quilt for us to complete.  Upon completion we would like to donate this quilt to a charity or person of our choosing. 


The goal is to make this an ongoing group, with each completed quilt going to a cause that the quilters choose. 


Experience is not necessary as we will learn from each other.  Kids 10 and older are welcome if accompanied by an adult.  Join us for a fun filled Friday that gives back to those in need.


First class

September 21, 2018



Min 1/ Max 10

Vision Board


See it! Believe it! Receive it!

You will be creating your very own Vision Board.  A Vision Board is a daily reminder of your goals and dreams. 

It inspires you to focus on what you want in life and motivates you to push yourself to reach your true potential.

“Have a clear vision of your future, and take action every day to move towards it.  You deserve it!”


 September 30, 2018


Age 16 and up

$15.00 per person

Class Size 10


Breakfast with Bill


We will be learning how to make traditional French Crepes (sweet AND savory). We will go over some amazing filling ideas, making some from scratch and also turn our delicate creations into some amazing dishes. You will thrill you family and friends adding these into the meal rotation. Come and enjoy great food and fun as you add to your cooking "repertoire"!

Saturday Sept. 22, 2018



Min 2/Max 8

Sewing Pillowcases


This class will provide you with the skills necessary to create a one of a kind pillowcase, with a cuff and trim with French seams.  Basics of sewing and ironing will be needed . All ages welcome if you understand the basics of a sewing machine.  Everything will be provided except the fabric. 

Fabric needs (all cotton): Main 1 yard

                                              Cuff 1/3 yard

                                               Trim 1/4 yard

                                               Thread that will match all your fabric choices.

Be creative in your fabric choices (as long as they are all cotton) to create your own pillowcase masterpiece!!


September 19, 2018

6:30 - 8:30 pm


Min 1/Max 4

When you join MakerSpace Sioux City, you gain access to not just a multitude of state-of-the-art tools but a creative, thriving and supportive community.





Day Pass: $15/day

Individual: $50/month - $540/year

Family: $75/month- $750/year

(everyone living in one household) 





6pm – 9pm

6pm – 9pm

10am – 4pm

12pm – 4pm

Please check our website & Facebook page for holiday hours.